3/4 Inch Silent Dog IDs - Custom Puppy Name Tags

3/4 Inch Silent Dog IDs - Custom Puppy Name Tags

Handcrafted Wide Metal Name Tag for Dogs.

These are the best dog tags on the market. Celebrate your dog's unique spirit with these custom pet ID-wide dog tag name plates. They easily attach to your dog collar of choice using two-part screws.

They are a perfect blend of style and durability. Your custom text is hand stamped. This process leaves deep impressions in the metal, ensuring your text remains legible even with the most active dogs.

Choose from various styles to reflect your pet's unique name or personality. We are constantly adding new designs. Feel free to reach out for a custom consult if you don't see what you are looking for.

These custom metal puppy plates give your pet the gift of individuality and protection.
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