Replacement Chicago Screws

Replacement Chicago Screws

Item# cscrews

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Because life happens..don't forget to purchase your extra set of Chicago Screws.

This listing is for A SET OF CHICAGO SCREWS. You will receive a total of 2 screws and 2 backs.

When attaching the tags it is recommended that you use a thread locking product so they are secure.
  • 'Loctite' Redis a high strength solution to lock the screws. The screws can be removed by using heat and hand tools.
  • 'Loctite' Blue is a medium strength option. The screws can be removed with standard hand tools.
  • Superglue can also be used on the screw threads to provide a temporary hold.

    Regardless of which option you choose, you should periodically check the screws to make sure they are secure.


  • The screw head is approximately 10 mm round x 6 mm tall
  • Available in Gold, Silver or Copper plate
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