About the Designer Tracy Cormell

About Tracy Cormell & String of Jewels

About Tracy Cormell & String of Jewels

Before String of Jewels, I was a speech pathologist and had the wonderful opportunity to work with a spectacular group of inner-city children with special needs.
After 14 years and a little burnout, I decided I needed a change. So with both feet, I jumped into the world of design. Because really how hard could it be? Right?


After several years, lots and lots of mistakes and some trial and error, I have finally found my stride. The creative chaos that is my workshop is based in Freeland, Maryland. All of my personalized cuffs, precious metal clay pendants and hand stamped jewelry are forged in my studio. My fingers are usually black (from polishing) and my clothes are typically layered with sanding dust, but I wouldn’t trade a thing. (By the way, my profile picture was taken with A LOT of prep work. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to post an average day shot (crazy hair and all).

Someone once told me that when they wore jewelry that was given as a gift, it was like receiving a hug from the person that gave it to them every time they wore it. And I love that!

Why choose String of Jewels?….

Because it’s personal. It really is. Many of my pieces can be hand stamped with custom text. Your words, your feelings, your intent. Others are made to tell a story, inspire or motivate.
If you have a problem…and well let’s hope that doesn’t happen. I’m here to help you find a solution. We are a team. My success is solely based on you, my amazing customers!

I am proud to have created a place where you can have input in designing your own custom piece; where the process is simple but the outcome is meaningful. Welcome to my shop where you are free to be yourself.

Everyone has a story.
Create a piece that speaks to your soul.


If you have any questions about my products or store, please email me at tracy@stringofjewels.com.

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