Long Blue Jasper Gemstone Necklace | 60 inches -Sold Out

Long Blue Jasper Gemstone Necklace | 60 inches -Sold Out

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Long Dyed Blue Jasper Beaded Gemstone Necklace

Only 2 Available

These necklaces are made in small batches and once they are sold out they will not be offered again for several months.

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This beautiful deep blue long and layered gemstone necklace looks just as great with your weekday wear as it does with a pair of jeans. Wear it long or wrap it several times to create a choker.


  • These Blue Jasper gemstone beads 7- 8 mm.
  • They are hand knotted between each stone.
  • 60 inches long
  • This necklace DOES NOT have a clasp. It is a continuous beaded piece.

    Everyone has a story.
    Create a piece that speaks to your soul.
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