Hand Stamped Polishing Kit

Hand Stamped Polishing Kit

Hand Stamped Polishing Kit
Item# handstampedpolishingkit

Hand Stamped Bracelet / Hand Stamped Jewelry Cleaner Kit

As hand stamped jewelry is worn, especially if you are active, or if you swim or bathe while wearing them, the black on the lettering may dull or wear off.

The easiest and most effective way to make them stand out again is with this letter refresh kit.

It contains 1 black fine point sharpie marker, 10 pro polishing pads and detailed instructions on how to re-darken your letters.

This technique will work on any type of metal: nickel silver, copper, brass, sterling silver and aluminum.

It is especially great for hand stamped rings as they have frequent exposure to soap and water.

Follow the instructions in the kit and your rings, bracelets and necklaces can quickly and easily be restore a to a like new condition.

For detailed instructions click here
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