Etched Rustic Bronze Metal Cuff

Etched Rustic Bronze Metal Cuff

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Men's Rustic Heavy Gauge Gold Bronze Bracelet - Hammered & Oxidized Etched Cuff

This cuff begins as a coil of round wire and is hand cut to your custom size. It goes through a heat treatment process (annealing) and is heated to over 1000 degrees. After it cools, your cuff is hammered, annealed for a second time, textured, and then all rough edges are sanded and smoothed down. It is warmed under a flame for one last time until it's a bright red and then soaked in a pickle bath to, remove all the grayscale left from the flames.

Next, it is shaped into a cuff. More hammering, bending, and coercing it into its final form. Finally, it's off to an oxidizing bath to darken the grooves and then given one last polish.

No two cuffs will be identical. Texture marks and oxidization will vary.

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Measure your wrist just below your wrist bone with a flexible tape measure OR Measure your wrist with a string or strip of paper. Mark your wrist size and use a ruler to measure the length.
Order the size that is closest to this measurement.

For example, if you measure your wrist using the directions and it is 7.5 inches in circumference. You should ORDER the 7.5-inch wrist measurement in the drop down menu. I adjust the cuff to fit when I make it.

Average Women's wrists measure 6 - 6.5 inches.
Average Men's wrists measure 7 - 7.5 inches.

  • This cuff is made from 6 mm round wire.
  • This 100% solid BRONZE.

    I do not coat my jewelry with lacquer or other chemicals. After contact with skin, over time bronze metal will oxidize or develop a dark patina. Water, ocean air, lotions, soaps, oils from your skin and even your own body chemistry will all affect how quickly your piece will turn. This may happen in a few days or weeks.

    The process of oxidization (darkening) may also cause discoloration of the skin. It is not harmful to one's health and is readily washed off with soap and water.

    A simple solution to prevent this is adding 1-2 coats of clear fingernail polish on the inside of the cuff. This will provide a temporary barrier to the skin and prevent discoloration. It will need to be repeated after prolonged wear.

    This cuff is custom cut for each person.

    Unless there is a mistake on my part, All custom items are a final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. Please MEASURE CAREFULLY. Directions on getting an accurate wrist measurement can be seen in the product photos. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding size.

    Everyone has a story.
    Create a piece that speaks to your soul.

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