Make A Wish Dandelion Necklace

Make A Wish Dandelion Necklace

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Sterling Silver Dandelion Necklace - Stand Strong

Since dandelions can endure almost any living condition, they are able to overcome any hardship, standing strong and proud.

Remember when you would make a wish and then blow on a dandelion? Then, carefully watch as the fluffy little seeds drift away, each one carrying your hopes and dreams.

Stand strong and let this necklace carry your wishes into reality.

  • .925 sterling silver pendant with bronze heart
  • Height: 16mm, Width: 10mm, Depth: 1.5mm
    (Height measurement includes the 5 mm jump ring)
  • All chains are .925 Sterling Silver. They are oxidized which gives them a darken color and highlights the details of the chain.

    Everyone has a story.
    Create a piece that speaks to your soul.
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