Blue Gemstone Tassel Necklace

Blue Gemstone Tassel Necklace

Item# GEMN802

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Long Blue Agate Lariat / Tassel Necklace {56 inches}

Agate is a re-balancing stone. It is an excellent stone for harmonizing body, mind and spirit. It creates supportive energy for spiritual growth and confidence.
This versatile necklace does not have a clasp and the ends are not connected. You can choose to tie a slip knot or cross the ends to secure the necklace at the perfect length.
Wear it long or wrap it several times to create a choker. Great for layering with other pieces.

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  • This necklace is 56 inches long
  • Blue agate chips and fresh water pearls
  • THIS NECKLACE DOES NOT HAVE A CLASP or closure of any type. It is a continuous beaded piece and is open on the ends. You secure it by loosely knotting the ends together.

    Everyone has a story.
    Create a piece that speaks to your soul.
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