Amethyst Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Necklace - 108 Gemstones
Dance In The Rain Leather Cuff
Live, Dream, Love Silver Cuff Bracelet
Personalized Mother's Initial Necklace {Sterling Silver}
1.5 Inch Wide Personalized Silver Cuff Bracelet
1/2 inch Hammered Custom Silver Cuff Bracelet
1/2 Inch Personalized Hand Stamped Copper Cuff
1/2 inch Personalized Silver Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelet
1/4 inch Wide Personalized Thin Silver Stacking Bracelet
3/4 Inch Personalized Silver Cuff Bracelet
3/4 inch Wide Custom Hammered Custom Silver Bracelet
3/4 Inch Wide Custom Hand Stamped Silver and Gold Bracelet
About Me
About The Designer
Add On - Gemstone Charm
Anam Cara Soul Friend Bracelet
Angel Wing Gemstone & Leather Wrap Bracelet
Anniversary Gifts FOR HER
Anniversary Gifts FOR HIM
Art Deco Turquoise Earrings
Be The Change Leather Cuff
Beaded Gemstone Necklaces
Binary Code Love - Men's Leather Cuff Bracelet
Black N Tan Men's Custom Leather Cuff
Black Stitched Leather Dog Collar {1 Inch Wide}
Blue Gemstones - Sterling Silver Earrings
Blue Lapis Earrings OUT OF STOCK
Blue Turquoise Gemstone Stretch Bracelet
Boho Style Silk Wrap Bracelet
Breathe In Breathe Out Move On Jimmy Buffett Bracelet
Brown Quartz Earrings - Sterling Silver
Burgundy Stitched Leather Dog Collar {1 inch wide}
Celtic Knot & Concho Cuffs
Celtic Spiral of Life Bracelet
Charm Bracelets
Charms & Pendants
Close To My Heart - Sterling Silver Stacking Name Rings
Contact Us
Copper & Brass Bracelets
Copper Boyfriend Cuff { Thin Hammered Copper Bracelet }
Custom 1 inch Wide Hammered Silver Cuff Bracelet
Custom 1.5 inch Wide Leather Cuff / Copper Plate
Custom 1/2 Inch Leather Cuff Bracelet
Custom 2 inch Wide Distressed Leather Bracelet
Custom Black Onyx and Silver Stacking Bracelets
Custom Brown Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet
Custom Hammered Gold Brass Cuff Bracelet {1/2 inch wide}
Custom Hand Stamped Bottle Opener
Custom Hand Stamped Collar Stays {Silver, Gold Brass or Copper}
Custom Hand Stamped Silver Mountain Bracelet
Custom Initial Hand Stamped Guitar Pick
Custom Leather Dog Collar - 1 inch Wide
Custom Leather Dog Collar - Small Breeds
Custom Leather Dog Collars
Custom Longitude and Latitude Keychain
Custom Make A Wish Silver Cuff Bracelet
Custom Mother Of The Groom Silver Cuff Bracelet
Custom Orders
Custom Pearl & Knotted Leather Bracelet - Choose Your Charm
CUSTOM Silver Arrow Cuff Bracelet
Custom Silver Circle Washer Necklace {Small}
Custom Silver Cross Cuff Bracelet
Custom Skinny Stacking Bracelets
Custom Stainless Steel Guitar Pick - Textured
Custom Trio Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Stacking Rings
Custom Trio Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Stacking Rings
Custom Turquoise and Silver Stacking Bracelets
Custom Waterproof Outdoor Dog Collar
Custom Wide 1.5 inch Distressed Leather Bracelet
Customer Service
Dark Brown Wide Braided Leather Cuff Bracelet
Double Sided Custom Thin Copper Stacking Bracelet
Double Sided Personalized STERLING SILVER Stacking Bracelet
Dover Yoga
Everything Else
Family Portrait Necklace {Hand Stamped Name Charms}
Fine & Sterling Silver OM Yoga Necklace
Fine Silver Anchor Charm Pendant {Refuse to Sink}
Fine Silver Bee Charm {Harmony & Diligence}
Fine Silver Bird Pendant {Let Your Dreams Fly}
Fine Silver Bow and Arrow Pendant Charm {Strength}
Fine Silver Butterfly Charm {Transformation}
Fine Silver Camera Charm {Capture Life Pendant}
Fine Silver Double Arrow Charm {Friendship}
Fine Silver Family Tree of Life Necklace {Small}
Fine Silver Flying Bird Necklace
Fine Silver Hamsa Hand Charm {Lucky Mojo / Protection}
Fine Silver Infinity Heart Charm {Celtic Love Knot}
Fine Silver Mermaid Charm / Pendant
Fine Silver Running Horse Charm {Follow Your Dreams}
Fine Silver Scarab Charm {Protection}
Fine Silver Sheet Music Charm / Musical Notes
Fine Silver Starfish Charm {Hope/Inspiration}
Fine Silver Starfish Earrings
Fine Silver Swallow Charm {New Beginnings}
Fine Silver Tree of Life Pendant {Family / Strength}
Floating Heart Earrings - Sterling Silver
Frequently Asked Questions
Freshwater Pearl & Leather Bracelet {Silver Anchor Charm}
Freshwater Pearl Earrings
Gemstone Leather Wrap Bracelet Rainbow, Pink or Green
Gemstone Stacking Ring
Gift Guide
Gifts For Dad
Gifts for Mom
Gifts for Teens
Gold Brass Boyfriend Cuff
{ Thin Hammered Gold Bracelet }

Gold Brass Braver Than You Believe Bracelet
Good Friends Are Like Stars Silver Hand Stamped Bracelet
Graduation Gifts
Green Gemstones - Sterling Silver Earrings
Grey Gemstone Necklace - Wire Wraped
Happily Ever After Leather Cuff Bracelet
Have Faith Bracelet
Helen of Troy Earrings - Fresh Water Pearl
Helen of Troy Pearl Necklace {White Freshwater Pearls}
His & Hers Personalized Bracelet Set {Copper, Brass, Silver}
I Am The Master Of My Fate Leather Cuff Bracelet
I Teach. What's Your Superpower Silver Cuff Bracelet
I'd Rather Be A Mermaid Necklace {Sterling & Fine Silver}
I'm A Woman. What's Your Superpower Bracelet
Infinity Knot Heart Concho Bracelet
Inspirational Necklaces
Inspirational Quote Bracelets
It's Never Too Late Hand Stamped Leather Cuff Bracelet
Jewelry Information
Jimmy Buffett Breathe In Breathe Out Leather Cuff Bracelet
Just For Men
Keychains {Personalized Hand Stamped }
Lapiz Lazuli - Dangle Earrings
Large Gold Filigree Earrings {Keyhole Style}
Large White Freshwater Pearl & Sterling Silver Earrings
Layered Lapis Lazuli and Silver Stacking Bracelets
Leather & Turquoise Wrap Bracelet / Personalized Silver Charm
Leather Celtic Love Knot Infinity Bracelet
Leather Compass Cuff Bracelet
Leather Cuffs {Inspirational Quotes}
Leather Sand Dollar Cuff Bracelet
Leather Yin and Yang Cuff Bracelet
Leather You're Braver Than You Believe Cuff Bracelet
Long Black Onyx Necklace {80 inches}
Long Blue Agate Gemstone Necklace {60 inches}
Long Blue Gemstone Turquoise Necklace {60 or 80 inches}
Long Blue Jasper Gemstone Necklace {60 inches}
Long Faceted Orange Carnelian Gemstone Necklace {60 Inches}
Long Green Gemstone Beaded Necklace {80 inches}
Long Green Jasper Gemstone Necklace {60 inches}
Long Red Coral Beaded Necklace {60 Inches}
Long Red Sponge Coral Necklace {60 Inches}
Long White Turquoise Beaded Necklace {80 inches}
Longitude / Latitude Custom Bracelet {Gold, Silver, Copper}
Lucky Silver Elephant Necklace
Made In USA
Make A Wish Gemstone Wrap Bracelet Rainbow, Green or Pink
Men's 1.5 inch Hand Stamped Custom Leather Cuff
Men's 2 inch Wide Custom Leather Bracelet
Men's 2 Inch Wide Personalized Leather Bracelet
Men's 3/4 inch wide PERSONALIZED Hammered Silver Cuff Bracelet
Men's 3/4" Wide Stitched Personalized Leather Bracelet
Men's Celtic Cross Leather Cuff Bracelet
Men's Custom Hand Stamped Leather Cuff
Men's Custom Roman Numeral Leather Cuff
Men's Custom Silver Anchor Cuff Bracelet
Men's Custom Wide Leather Cuff
Men's Hammered Cuffs {Silver, Copper, Brass}
Men's Hand Stamped CUSTOM Copper Cuff Bracelet
Men's Leather Cuff Bracelets
Men's Personalized / Custom Leather Bracelet
Men's Personalized 1 Inch Leather Bracelet with Buckle
Men's Personalized 1/2 inch wide Silver Cuff Bracelet
Men's PERSONALIZED 1/4 inch Wide Thin Silver Cuff Bracelet
Men's Personalized Boyfriend Cuff {Silver, Copper, Brass}
Men's Personalized Compass Longitude/Latitude Bracelet
Men's Personalized Hand Stamped Leather & Copper Cuff
Men's Personalized Silver Cross Bracelet
Men's Personalized Thin Copper Boyfriend Cuff
Men's Personalized Thin Gold Brass Boyfriend Cuff
Men's Personalized Thin Silver Boyfriend Cuff
Men's Personalized Wide Distressed Leather Cuff Bracelet
Men's Personalized Wide Leather Cuff Bracelet
Men's Save The Date Leather Cuff
Men's Silver Binary I Love You Cuff
Men's Silver Hammered Cuff {3/8, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 inch}
Mother and Foal Horse Necklace
Mother's Bracelet / Hand Stamped Children's Names Leather Cuff
Multi Colored Turquoise & Gemstone Tassel Necklace
Multi Strand Turquoise Necklace with Coral Flower
Music Speaks Guitar Pick
My Favorite Quotes
Need It Quicker?
Not All Who Wander Are Lost Bracelet
Not In Our Stars To Hold Our Destiny Silver Cuff Bracelet
Odds & Ends
ONE Thin Stacking Bracelet {Copper, Gold or Silver}
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Orange Glass Earrings - Faceted
Pearl Chandelier Earrings - Sterling Silver
Personalizd Leather Buckle Bracelet {3/4 inch Wide }
Personalized 1/2 inch Leather Cuff
Personalized Copper Collar Stay
Personalized Copper Guitar Pick
Personalized Dog Tag Puppy Plate
Personalized Family Leather Cuff
Personalized Gold & Silver Longitude / Latitude Bracelet
Personalized Gold and Silver Children's Name Bracelet
Personalized Gold Brass Cuff Bracelet [1 inch Wide}
Personalized Gold Brass Guitar Pick
Personalized Gold Brass Thin Stacking Bracelet
Personalized Gold Stacking Name Ring
Personalized Guitar Pick Necklace
Personalized Hand Stamped 1 inch Wide Silver Bracelet
Personalized Hand Stamped 3/8 Inch Wide Silver Cuff Bracelet
Personalized Hand Stamped Leather Cuff {3/4 inches}
Personalized Hand Stamped Rings
Personalized Hand Stamped Silver Angel Wing Bracelet
Personalized Hand Stamped Silver Compass Bracelet
Personalized Hand Stamped Silver Initials & Date Keychain
Personalized Hand Stamped Silver Moon and Stars Bracelet
Personalized Hand Stamped Silver Starfish Bracelet
Personalized Hand Stamped Thin Copper Bracelet
Personalized Hand Stamped Thin Silver Cuff Bracelet
Personalized I Love You To The Moon & Back Leather Bracelet
Personalized Leather Cuff - Children's Name
Personalized Leather Dog Collar {Copper Plate}
Personalized Leather Dog Collar - Custom Puppy Plate
Personalized Leather Dog Collar {For Small Breeds}
Personalized Leather Wrap Bracelet {1/2" wide}
Personalized Leather Wrap Bracelet {Journey Bracelet}
Personalized Longitude & Latitude Bracelet
Personalized Longitude / Latitude Compass Bracelet
Personalized Mixed Metal Gold and Silver Bracelet
Personalized Necklaces {Hand Stamped}
Personalized Odd & Ends
Personalized Puppy Plate for Rescue Dog Collar
Personalized Rescue Dog Leather Collar {Angel Wings}
Personalized Silver Anam Cara {Soul Friend} Bracelet
Personalized Silver Anchor Cuff Bracelet
Personalized Silver Family Tree Bracelet
Personalized Silver Infinity Love Knot Bracelet
Personalized Silver KIA {Killed in Action} Cuff Bracelet
Personalized Silver Mother's Bracelet {Children's Names}
Personalized Silver Tree of Life Bracelet {Swirls}
Personalized Skinny Leather Wrap Bracelet
PERSONALIZED Skinny Leather Wrap Bracelet - Gold Plate
PERSONALIZED Skinny Leather Wrap Bracelet - Silver Plate
Personalized Sterling Silver & Gold Hand Stamped Ring
Personalized Sterling Silver Bangle {Gold Hearts}
Personalized Sterling Silver Round Charm - 7/8" Round
Personalized Sterling Silver Skinny Bar Necklace
Personalized Sterling Silver Washer Necklace {Large}
Personalized Thin Stacking Bracelet {Brass, Copper, Silver}
Peter Pan Second Star To The Right Bracelet
Pink Gemstone Leather Wrap Bracelet
Princess Bride "As You Wish" Quote Silver Bracelet
Privacy Policy
Pro Polishing Pads
Purple Gem Stone Earrings - Sterling Silver
Rainbow Gemstone Leather Wrap Bracelet
Red Glass Earrings - Dangle - Sterling Silver
Reserved for Angela - 3 Custom Dog Collars
Reserved for Brenda
Reserved for Scott
Shipping Info
Silver & Sapphire Fibonacci Spiral Earrings
Silver 2017 Graduation Cuff Bracelet
Silver Angel Wing Necklace - Sterling Angel Pendant
Silver BFF Best Friends Flower Necklace
Silver Bow and Arrow Necklace {Be Strong}
Silver Boyfriend Cuff { Thin Hammered Silver Bracelet }
Silver Bubble Silk Wrap Bracelet
Silver Chinese Naga Dragon Bracelet
Silver Christopher Robin / You're Braver Than You Believe Bracelet
Silver Compass Bracelet
Silver Coral Earring with Ruby Gemstones
Silver Dragon Leather Cuff Bracelet
Silver Family Tree Bracelet {Children's Names}
Silver Footprints In The Sand Bracelet
Silver Green Gemstone Opal Stacking Ring - Bezel Setting
Silver Guardian Angel Wing Necklace
Silver Hand Stamped Corinthians 13 4-6 Bracelet
Silver I Love You To The Moon and Back Cuff Bracelet
Silver Namaste Bracelet
Silver Not All Who Wander Are Lost Compass Necklace
Silver Oh The Places You'll Go Silver Cuff Bracelet - Dr. Seuss
Silver Om Hari Om Bracelet
Silver Personalized Mother's Bracelet {Children's Names}
Silver Personalized Tree of Life Cuff Bracelet
Silver Philippians 4:13 Bracelet
Silver Refuse To Sink Cuff Bracelet {Anchor Image}
Silver Rumi - Be The Soul Of That Place Bracelet
Silver Starfish Silk Wrap Bracelet
Silver Starry Night Bracelet {Moon and Stars}
Silver Synthetic Blue Opal Stacking Ring
Silver Synthetic Purple Opal Stacking Ring
Silver White Opal Stacking Ring - Bezel Setting
Silver White Pearl Stacking Ring
Sites we Like
Skull & Crossbones Wide Leather Cuff
Small Round Sterling Silver Initial Charm
Small Sky Blue Turquoise & Sterling Silver Earrings
Spacers, Stackers and Statement Rings
Square Celtic Love Knot Leather Bracelet
Stainless Steel Bottle Opener - Drinks Well With Others
Stainless Steel Personalized Guitar Pick -Shiny
Stainless Steel Wire Charm Bracelet / One Size Fits All
Starry Night Silk Wrap Bracelet
Sterling & Fine Silver Tree of Life / Family Tree Necklace
Sterling Silver & Blue Opal Personalized Stacking Ring Set
Sterling Silver & Green Opal Personalized Stacking Ring Set
Sterling Silver & Purple Opal Personalized Stacking Ring Set
Sterling Silver & White Opal Personalized Stacking Ring Set
Sterling Silver & White Pearl Personalized Stacking Ring Set
Sterling Silver Arrow Bypass Bracelet
Sterling Silver Bead Chain {16, 18 20 inches}
Sterling Silver Beaded Spacer Stracking Ring
Sterling Silver Blue Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Earrings
Sterling Silver Blue Ocean Jasper Earrings
Sterling Silver Box Chain {16, 18, 20 inches}
Sterling Silver Cable Chain {16, 18, 20 inches}
Sterling Silver Celtic Love Knot Earrings
Sterling Silver Compass Necklace
Sterling Silver Dream Bracelet
Sterling Silver Greek Athena Owl Coin Necklace
Sterling Silver Guardian Angel / Greek Goddess Coin Necklace
Sterling Silver Hammered Dome Earrings
Sterling Silver I Love You Ring
Sterling Silver Initial Charm Bracelet
Sterling Silver Inspire Bracelet
Sterling Silver Love Bracelet
Sterling Silver Love Never Fails Stacking Rings
Sterling Silver Mandala Statement Ring
Sterling Silver Personalized Hand Stamped Stacking Ring
Sterling Silver Pink Chalcedony Gemstone Earrings
Sterling Silver Round Initial Stacking Ring
Sterling Silver SQUARE Initial Stacking Ring
Sterling Silver Square Rose Quartz Stacking Ring
Sterling Silver Turquoise & Carnelian Gemstone Earrings
Sterling Silver Turquoise Dangle Earrings
Sterling Silver You Have My Heart Ring
Store Policy
Tan Stitched Leather Dog Collar {1 inches wide}
The Best Therapist Has Fur & Four Legs Dog Collar
The Boyfriend Cuff™
The Direction Of Your Dreams Bracelet
The Perfect Pearl Earrings (Sold)
The Road Not Taken Leather Bracelet - Robert Frost
Thin Beaded Bohemian Tassel Bracelets
{Set of 3}

Thin One Sided STERLING SILVER Personalized Stacking Bracelet
Thin Personalized Silver Hand Stamped Bracelet {1/4" wide}
Those Who Danced / Friedrich Nietzsche Leather Bracelet
Three Personalized Stacking Bracelets {Silver, Copper & Gold}
Tiny Fine Silver Heart Charm {Love}
To Thine Own Self Be True Silver Cuff Bracelet
Track Your Order
Tree of Life Silk Wrap Bracelet
Trust In Your Journey Leather Cuff
Turquoise Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet
Turquoise Drop Earrings
Turquoise Earrings in Stelring Silver
Turquoise Leather Wrap Bracelet
Turquoise Nugget Earrings
Two Sided Personalization / Thin Silver Stacking Bracelet
Two Sided Personalized Gold Brass Stacking Bracelet
Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Wanderlust Leather Cuff Bracelet
Wedding Gifts and Favors
What If I Fall? But What If You Fly? Silver Hand Stamped Bracelet
What's New at String of Jewels
Wherever You Stand Leather Cuff
White Fresh Water Pearl Cluster Choker Necklace
Wide Hammered Copper Cuff Bracelet
Wire Wrapped Earrings - Amethyst
Without Music Life Would Be A Mistake - Men's Leather Cuff
Without Music Life Would Be A Mistake Leather Cuff
Woman's Personalized 1 Inch Wide Leather Bracelet
Women's 1 inch Personalized Copper Bracelet
Women's 1 inch Wide Personalized Leather Bracelet
Women's 1 inch wide Personalized Leather Bracelet {Buckle Clasp}
Women's 1.5 inch Wide Personalized Leather Cuff
Women's 3/4 inch Wide Custom Gold Brass Bracelet
Women's Binary Love Leather Cuff Bracelet
Women's Celtic Cross Leather Cuff Bracelet
Women's Custom Leather Bracelet {3/4 inch Wide}
Women's Custom Leather Cuffs
Women's Custom Silver Binary Code Cuff Bracelet
Women's Hammered 1/2 inch Copper Cuff Bracelet
Women's Leather Cuff Bracelet - Awareness Ribbon
Women's Personalized Copper & Leather Bracelet {3/4 inch Wide}
Women's Personalized Silver Bracelets
Women's Silver Hammered Cuff {3/8, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 inch}
Words of The White Queen Bracelet
Wraps & Gemstone
Yellow Quartz Earrings - Sterling Silver
You Have Been Assigned This Mountain Silver Bracelet