Love The Stars Too Fondly Bracelet

Love The Stars Too Fondly Bracelet

Love The Stars Too Fondly Bracelet
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I Have Loved The Stars Too Fondly Bracelet

Appreciate what was, but celebrate the great unknown. Move forward with grace and the universe will whisper it's secrets.

Weather your are morning a lose or embracing what might become, this is the perfect reminder that there is beauty to be found in everything.

This cuff is hand stamped with "I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." This passage is taken from a poem by Sarah Williams, meant to be from the viewpoint of Galileo.

When talking about aging and moving on from this life, even if your faith is not strong, there is beauty in the connections of our souls. Love continues after death, in one form or another. Cherish the time you have and celebrated the life once it is lost.

The outside of this cuff is hand stamped with a starry night. This scene is done freehand so each cuff will be uniquely different.


  • The 1 inch cuff is shown on the model.
  • It is made with 100% pure aluminum and will not tarnish or cause reactions due to nickel allergies.
  • This bracelet is 6 inches long and has a 1 inch gap for sliding off and on your wrist. It fits most average size wrists and is slightly adjustable.
    NEED A DIFFERENT SIZE? This cuff can be made smaller or larger. Please contact me to discuss your options.

    WHAT HAND STAMPED MEANS: I personally hand stamp my pieces. Each letter, number and symbol is created using individual letter stamping tools. Variations in spacing and letter/number alignment may occur. These differences should not been seen as defects, but rather adding to the charm and uniqueness of each piece.

    Everyone has a story.
    Create a piece that speaks to your soul.

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