Protective Finish For Brass Copper & Bronze

Protective Finish For Brass Copper & Bronze

Item# sealant

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This resin-like add on sealant can be used on all of my copper, brass and bronze pieces.

If you want a more polished look to your jewelry or do not want to deal with cleaning your piece regularly, this is an add-on option for my cuffs.

Several coats of varnish are added to protect your cuff.

  • It will seal and protect the finish.
  • It prevents tarnishing.
  • It prevents the cuff from discoloring your skin.

    This coating provides a temporary barrier that can last for many months to years, depending on how you wear your cuff.

    This listing is for ONE bracelet/cuff to be sealed with a durable resin-like coating. This is a labor-intensive process, where several coats of durable sealant are added to your cuff to keep your piece from oxidizing.

    People can have allergies to many things. Sealants can be one of them. This add-on is not recommended if you have any questions about potential reactions.


    This coating does not have a lifetime guarantee but can last for months, even years, if cared for properly.

    Treating this piece like fine jewelry will extend the finish. Remove jewelry when showering, swimming, or applying hand sanitizers or sunscreen.

    Do not use an abrasive cleaner or jewelry polishing cloth to clean it as this will remove the coating. Clean with mild dish soap (like Dawn) and dry with a soft cloth.

    If you are purchasing this option, PLEASE ADD BOTH your CUFF AND this upgrade to your cart BEFORE CHECKING OUT.
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