5 Reasons You Should Be Excited About Aluminum Jewelry

5 Reasons You Should Be Excited About Aluminum Jewelry

1. It Is Customizable:

Aluminum jewelry has gained popularity over the past few years, with both jewelers and consumers.

A large portion of my business is taking a customers' idea or motivation and translating it into a hand-stamped piece of art. More often than not, those special dates, children's names, or inspirational words are placed on an aluminum cuff.

The great thing about aluminum from a makers viewpoint is that it is a soft metal and easy to work with. I use a hand-stamping process with my jewelry and not an engraving machine. Each letter, line, symbol, and image is hammered into the metal with an individual metal stamp, and yes, an actual hammer :). It is time-consuming, but the results leave deep, clean impressions in the metal that won't fade with wear.

I am the storm cuff bracelet
Each letter, line, symbol and image is hammered
into the metal with an individual metal stamp.

This makes bracelet blanks an empty canvas to experiment with creating intricate designs and allows me to add lots of text to my wider cuffs. While traditional meals such as copper and sterling silver can also be hand stamped with text, I do not offer the variety of image options as I do with my aluminum pieces. The flexibility of this metal is unmatched.

I am the storm cuff bracelet
Aluminum is perfect for detailed designs.

2. It's Affordable:

From a consumer standpoint, aluminum is an affordable metal that looks rich when worn. Wide 1" sterling silver cuffs that would range from $300-500 can easily be reproduced using this less expensive metal alternative.

The pieces are lightweight, making them perfect for layering with other bangles to create a look that fits both your lifestyle and personality.

3. It's Hypoallergenic:

Aluminum is an excellent alternative to those who have jewelry allergies. Nickel is the most common cause of allergic reactions, and since aluminum is nickel-free, it is considered hypoallergenic. Bottom line: You don't have to get a detailed medical history when giving this as a gift.

4. It's Easy To Care For:

Aluminum is a solid metal. It will not peel or flake. It is also rust-free, so getting it wet, is never a problem.

This silver alternative does not tarnish like traditional metals, and although it may get dull and dirty from wear, it is low maintenance and easy to clean.

Just like any other metal, there are different ways to clean aluminum. If there are stones, beads, or crystals incorporated into the piece, you want to make sure you're not using something harsh that might ruin them.

You can always use a jewelry polishing cloth, but aluminum doesn't need a chemical mixture to shine it up. Do you know what works just as well? A little Dawn dish detergent, a good wash in warm water, and a dry polish with a soft cloth.

Just make sure you are not using anything abrasive as this silver metal is soft and may scratch.

5. It's Eco Friendly:

A lot of aluminum used for jewelry making is almost entirely made of recycled content.

That means at some point; your lovely piece could have been a soda can, a road sign, or that mangled bumper your teenager left on your car. Saved from the landfill, melted down, and repurposed into something meaningful.

As always feel free to reach out with any questions about my products, process or just to say 'HI"


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