Long Red Sponge Coral Necklace {60 Inches}

Long Red Sponge Coral Necklace {60 Inches}

Long Red Sponge Coral Necklace {60 Inches}
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Long Red Sponge Coral Necklace {60 Inches} OUT OF STOCK

This versatile long 60 inch Red Sponge Coral necklace can be worn with just about everything. Wear it long or wrap it to create a choker. Great for layering with other pieces.

Red Sponge Coral has a wonderful texture and a very organic feeling. This stone is said to protect pregnant mothers and their children. Red sponge coral is said to soak up the feelings of love from the mother and transfer them to the child. In ancient times growing children were given coral to wear in order to enable them to grow and remain healthy. As adults this stone is said to be particularly helpful for the stomach, liver and circulatory problems.

  • These coral stones are 7- 8 mm.
  • They are hand knotted between each stone.
  • 60 inches long
  • THIS NECKLACE DOES NOT HAVE A CLASP. It is a continuous beaded piece.

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