Wide Hammered Copper Cuff Bracelet

Wide Hammered Copper Cuff Bracelet

Wide Hammered Copper Cuff Bracelet
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1 inch Wide Hammered Copper Cuff Bracelet

A 1 inch heavy 14 gauge high quality copper cuff is textured to give this bracelet dimension.

This bracelet is 6" long , 2.5" diameter and has a 1" opening for sliding off and on your wrist. It is slightly adjustable to fit most average sized wrists.
  • Need a different size? This cuff can be made smaller or larger. Please contact me to discuss your options.

  • Copper is an essential mineral found in plant life and in the human body. Wearing copper jewelry is a long-term folk remedy for arthritis. The copper bracelets can be beneficial for reducing pain and inflammation.

  • This piece is created using multiple hammer strikes so no two are exactly alike.
  • PLEASE NOTE: COPPER MAY DISCOLOR YOUR SKIN: After contact with skin, soaps and/or lotions copper can turn green or bluish-green, and stain the skin in the process. The reaction varies according to an individual's body chemistry, The discoloration is not harmful to one's health, and is readily washed off with soap and water. You can clean the bracelet by either washing it with soap and water, wiping it with rubbing alcohol or with a jewelry polishing cloth. "Penny Bright" is also a great and easy product to clean your copper jewelry.

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