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Tracy Cormell
(877) 452-0952
P.O. Box 81
Freeland, Maryland 21053

About String Of Jewels & Tracy Cormell

Everyone has a story. Every story has meaning. My journey has taught me that each of us is an inspired artist just waiting to express themselves. I give my customers the springboard to explore their creative side and design meaningful jewelry.

My creative process is fueled by the idea that a custom piece doesn't have to be expensive. By combining durable metals with inspired leather, each piece is one of a kind.

My jewelry is crafted by hand with affordable, durable and exceptional materials in my studio in Freeland, Maryland.

My hand stamped pieces are created using individual letters, numbers and symbol tools, allowing the customer to tell their story. The personalization process empowers one to inspire greatness, profess love or produce smiles; in the end creating a piece, like life, that is perfectly imperfect.

My Eco friendly pendants are made from recycled metals. Each charm is hand cast making is as one of kind as the person who wears it.

I have recently expanded my shop to include a line of custom dog collars. Owners can personalize these quirky pieces so they reflect the personalities of their puppies.

Create a piece that speaks to your soul.

Be Brave.


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